Grabower Kusschen Chocolate Kisses -
Grabower Kusschen Chocolate Kisses -

Grabower Kusschen Chocolate Kisses


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Grabower Küsschen Chocolate Kisses, Küsschen Schokolade in German, are a pure indulgence with the most delicious milk chocolate, a topping of barn egg meringue (marshmallow) and a crunchy waffle base. The marshmallow filling is very light and fluffy, melts like snow on your tongue and, together with the chocolate, provides an unforgettable taste experience. There are 9 kisses in this box.

Chocolate kisses, invented in Denmark in the early 1800s and cultivated in Germany in the early 20th century, have delighted generations of European children and adults alike.

Grabower is the traditional German brand for chocolate kisses and originated in the city of Grabow. The Grabower factory is currently one of the largest European producers of chocolate kisses and the brand is still very popular with its growing range of various types of chocolate kisses, wafer sandwiches and other absolutely delicious products.

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Net Weight: 250 g. / 8.82 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany