Lorenz Saltletts Classic Sticks Tray

Lorenz Saltletts Classic Sticks Tray


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What's that roasting in the oven giving an enticing aroma. The Fresh sticks are the perfect come on and snack with us. The Lorenz Saltletts Sticks is guaranteed fun. Fragile and brittle to pick up and eat, the sticks are used in many practical ways. The crispy baked and freshly packed sticks can be used on all types of cheese and can bring a great pattern to sip on a nice cold brew. When retaining up all of the sea salt and is baked until beautifully brown. The golden brown sticks become your favorite nibble on. The authentic savory crackers and salted snacks are an undefeated combo you can't resist.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Palm Fat, Salt, Sea Salt, (1.3%), Malt Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Yeast, (Acidity Regulator)

Net Weight: 246 g. / 8.8 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany