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Asbach Brandy-Filled Chocolate

European Deli's asbach brandy-filled chocolates are a luxurious and indulgent treat that are perfect for special occasions. Our company offers a wide selection of fine European chocolate with liquor inside. Imported directly from Germany, these chocolates offer a delicious and sophisticated way to enjoy some of the finest brandy in the world. Perfect for celebrations and gatherings with friends and family, Asbach brandy-filled chocolates are sure to impress. Shop from our collection of more than 20 specialty products today!

Asbach Brandy 101

Asbach brandy, also known as Asbach Uralt, is a German brandy produced by Asbach GmbH. Dating back to 1892, this liquor was created by Hugo Asbach, who founded his company in the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein. Asbach, originally from Cologne, learned how to distill at the local "Export-company for German Cognac". He then further perfected his skills in France, before founding his own company on 11 May 1892. Currently, the company produces a variety of beverages and liquors, including an Asbach Aperitif Rosé, Asbach Cola, and of course, the signature Asbach Brandy.

A blend of 25 distinct wines, Asbach Brandy is a warm oak-flavored brandy, with honey and plum character, nutty aroma, and a slightly almond aftertaste. This signature brandy is notable for its smooth and slightly-sweet taste, characteristics that pair well with European chocolates. Often consumed as a long drink (mixed beverage), Asbach Brandy is frequently mixed with Cola products, and is a popular beverage in traditional pubs in the Berlin area.