This specialty dates back to the 1920s when it was almost unthinkable for women and alcohol to be seen together in public. Company founder Hugo Asbach therefore decided, on the spur of the moment ,to develop the Asbach chocolate. The cold-casting method developed by Asbach himself, now protected around the world, did not just go down as treat with the ladies, as Asbach chocolates are small, delicate masterpieces of the chocolatier’s art.

These delicious chocolates are filled with Asbach Uralt (38 % Vol.) which is considered the German quality liquor, a contemporary premium specialty with a long tradition and unequaled quality. Selected wines, profound experience, and a high degree of diligence in production define its character. The result of all these efforts is a pleasant agreeable taste and a harmonious bouquet. Owing to these assets, consumers consider Asbach Uralt to be a synonym for quality, sensual enjoyment, and lifestyle.

Today Asbach chocolates are made under license by Rüdesheimer Confiserie, a company famous for the high quality of its products. RC-Confiserie is located in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany.

Fine chocolate and smooth, full-bodied Asbach Brandy – Asbach chocolates are double enjoyment for every taste and whatever the occasion.