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Reber from Germany

Discover Mozart Kugel chocolates, Constanze chocolates and Gift Sets with other specialties...

Reber Collection

additional featured brands from germany

Asbach Collection
Oebel Collection
Niederegger collection

Pernigotti from Italy

Italian chocolates & spreads featuring Gianduiotto, a praline made from rich gianduia using only the finest ingredients of milk, sugar, cocoa and Piemonte hazelnuts...

pernigotti collection

additional featured brands from europe

From England

Tiptree collection

From Spain

matiz collection

From Sweden

nyakers collection

Walkers from Scotland

Known for their shortbread, fruit puddings, mincemeat tarts and Glenfiddich cakes...

walkers collection

From France

Peureux Collection

From Denmark

Anthon Berg collection

From Austria

Staud's Wien collection

Hammond's Candies from the US

Specializing in Peppermint confections, delicious Chocolate Bars and Hot Cocoa, perfect for the upcoming season...

Hammond's collection

additional featured brands from the US & canada

From Canada

elki collection

From the United States

Bourbon Barrel Collection

From Canada

wildly delicious collection