Reber Constance White Chocolate Raspberry Kugel

Reber Constance White Chocolate Raspberry Kugel


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Reber Constance White Chocolate Raspberry Kugel is a special summer edition. Each of the 6 kugel contains an exquisite delight filled with raspberry flavored pistachio marzipan made out of fresh green pistachios, almonds and hazelnut nougat, which is then enrobed with delicious white chocolate.

This truffle is named in honor of Constance Mozart, Wolfgang's young wife and muse who supported the genius while he composed some of the world's most beautiful music.

Reber premium chocolate is produced using family recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation and give every fine Reber chocolate its crunchy outer shell. Their dark chocolate has a very high percentage of cocoa with at least 60%, and their one-of-a-kind Reber milk chocolate is at least 35% cocoa.

The quality of Reber marzipan is guaranteed thanks to their special manufacturing process and the selected raw ingredients they use. In the traditional Lübeck process, which has been used since 1904, aromatic Californian almonds and sugar are finely ground together using a granite mill and then roasted in open, rotating copper cauldrons. This step-by-step preparation process is what gives Reber gourmet marzipan its special flavor. The Reber marzipan is then refined with a splash of high-quality rum to round off its flavor. 

Net Weight: 120 g. / 4.23 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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