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Nyonsolive Black Nyons Olives AOC


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Nyonsolive Black Nyons Olives AOC contains Tanche olives, which are unique to the southern part of the Drôme, and "Nyons" is the name given to the Tanche olives grown in and around the charming town of Nyons. Distinguished by their large pits, sweet meaty flavor, and lack of bitterness, Nyons olives are special enough to have earned their own AOC, or Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (the French system for designating and controlling the geography and quality of wines and other products). The skin of Nyons olives is finely wrinkled, because they are harvested in December, after the ripe olives have begun to shrivel a bit with the cold.

You can eat them straight from the jar or use them to make a tapenade, an olive purée, or a variety of hot dishes, like Patricia Wells's pintade de la Drôme aux olives de Nyons (Bistro Cooking, p. 183).

Best Before, but not Expired: 1/4/26

Net Weight:  210 g. / 7.41 oz.

Country of Origin: France