Take-2 Firebug Fire Tongs
Take-2 Firebug Fire Tongs

Take-2 Firebug Fire Tongs


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When the cold clinks outside, ice winches whistle and snowflakes trickle, there is time for hot hours - alone or in pairs - with delicious drinks that provide cozy warmth.

As soon as the "fire devil" has been brought into shape by interlacing the legs, it is placed on a heat-resistant cup with the bulge facing downwards. Put on sugar pieces, soak with high-proof alcohol and light, the hellfire blazes on the sweet melt. What a fire devil factory!

"Feuerteufel" - too good to be bad. Check out this video!

Net Weight: Single 21 g. / .74 oz . - 2 Pack 43 g./ 1.52 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany