Strega Torrone Strega, Hard Nougat

Strega Torrone Strega, Hard Nougat


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Traditionally, torrone is made by combining honey with whipped egg whites until they form a dense, white paste. Next, the paste is heated and mixed anywhere between 3 to 11 hours depending on the desired texture. Toasted  hazelnuts are added before the mixture is stretched and placed into wooden molds lined with an edible wrapper. Once the nougat is cooled, it’s cut into pieces and packaged.  Strega hard Nougat  is produced with the finest ingredients.

Producer of the renowned Liquore Strega "Witch's Liqueur" for over 150 years, Strega is also celebrated for its nougat and chocolate production. Benevento is the traditional birthplace of "torrone" nougat, a classic confection crafted with premium Millefiori honey, almonds from Bari and hazelnuts from Campania. Different recipes and techniques create varying textures - from crunchy and crumbly to light and meltingly soft. Additional elements like chocolate, citrus, liqueurs, pistachios and more transform it into a truly special treat. Strega strives for supreme quality, achieved through artisanal processes employed by our torrone masters - that's why their  torrone is so tasty.

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.
Country of Origin: Italy

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