Strega Torrone Strega, Hard Nougat

Strega Torrone Strega, Hard Nougat


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Traditionally, torrone is made by combining honey with whipped egg whites until they form a dense, white paste. Next, the paste is heated and mixed anywhere between 3 to 11 hours depending on the desired texture. Toasted  hazelnuts are added before the mixture is stretched and placed into wooden molds lined with an edible wrapper. Once the nougat is cooled, it’s cut into pieces and packaged.  Strega hard Nougat  is produced with the finest ingredients.

Producer of the famous Liquore Strega “Witch’s Liqueur” for more than 150 years, has also successfully given itself to the production of the both nougat and chocolate. Benevento is the traditional home of “torrone” nougat: an ancient, sweet specialty which we produce using only the finest ingredients such as Millefiori Honey, almonds from Bari and hazelnuts from Campania. Different recipes and baking techniques vary the consistency of the torrone we can therefore produce traditional, crumbly yet crunchy torrone, as well as the softer torrone which totally melts in your mouth. A wide range of varieties... and among them some are enriched with the finest chocolate or flavored with citrus fruits or liqueurs. With the addition of pistachios and other dried fruits, together with the soft sponge biscuits, they are rendered even more special. We pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of our ingredients, worked into the best torrone with skill and passion by the expert hands of our torrone masters: we define ourselves as a major company that still uses artisan methods today...this is why our torrone is so good

    Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.
    Country of Origin: Italy

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