Spring Swiss Design Zucker Hut Tongs

Item # H55235015

Spring Swiss Design Zucker Hut Tongs is a large Sugar Tongs ("Zuckerzange Tura" in German) used for making a whole pot of Feuerzangenbowle. Feuerzangenbowle is not just a hot drink...it is an event! A fiery spectacle that brings friends together around a flaming pot of mulled wine spiked with high-proof Rum.

Instructions: Position the stainless steel tongs across the pot (Ø 8-10 inches / 20-26cm) sitting it on the outside edges. Lay the Zucker Hut Sugar Cone on its side on the tray. Generously dowse the sugar cone with high proof Rum and carefully light the alcohol. As the Rum burns it caramelizes the sugar which runs down the tray into the Mulled Wine in the pot and turns it into the dark magic of Feuerzangenbowle!

Spring was founded in 1946, when the Spring brothers prescribed themselves to quality and innovation from day one. Spring continuously works on developing tools for passionate cooks that guarantee good results over many years of usage in the kitchen.

Country of Origin: Switzerland