Seitenbacher GF Muesli with Strawberry

Item # P73264040

Seitenbacher GF Muesli with Strawberry is the ultimate organic, natural or gluten-free muesli company, based in the Odenwald between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. The family-run company source their grains from the most pristine local areas in the Swabia and Black Forest. Seitenbacher muesli products contain whole dried berries and nuts which give the muesli a rich and satisfying flavor. A true breakfast treat.

Ingredients: Raisins Unsulphured, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, Dried Apples, Puffed Rice, Pumpkin Seeds, Flaxseeds, Cornflakes (GMO Free Corn, Maple Syrup, Sea Salt), Cashew Kernels, Fiber Made of Beets (Oligofructose), Freeze Dried Strawberries.

Net Weight: 370g. / 13.05oz.
Country of Origin: Germany