Seitenbacher #1 Natural Body Power Muesli

Seitenbacher #1 Natural Body Power Muesli


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Seitenbacher #1 Natural Body Power Muesli is a rich mix with whole grains, raisins, apples & nuts. A perfect breakfast or lunch with fewer calories than average meals. Just add milk, yogurt or fruit juice. Good. No sugar added and of course no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors used. It is: vegan, source of magnesium, high in fiber, good source of protein, no trans fat, cholesterol free.

Ingredients: Whole grain spelt, raisins (unsulphured), peanuts, whole grain oats, sunflower seeds, barley flakes, apples (unsulphured) hazelnuts, psyllium husks. Serving 2/3 cup (45 g.): calories 180, total fat 6 g .(9%), carbs 23 g. (8%),
fiber 4 g. (15%), sugar 9 g. protein 6 g.

Net Weight: 448 g. / 16 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany