Niederegger Marzipan Pig
Niederegger Marzipan Pig -

Niederegger Marzipan Pig


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Niederegger Marzipan Pigs, known as Glückschwein in Germany, are a traditional German confection consisting of marzipan shaped as a pig.

During the holiday season, one tradition is to eat porridge, known as Risalamande, where a single almond is hidden in the porridge. Whoever finds the almond, receives a marzipan pig as a prize, which is a symbol of good luck!

And how did a pig become a symbol of good luck?  In the Middle Ages, farmers survived the winter depending on what they could produce. If they were really lucky, they had a pig - which meant MEAT all winter long. “Ich habe Schwein gehabt” (“I had pig”) became a common expression for being lucky.  You were lucky to eat, and later, you were just lucky.

In the more recent years, the pig became a good luck symbol, like a four-leaf-clover. In fact, some Glückschweinchen come with a little clover on them.

A German Marzipan Pig (Glückschwein) as a gift helps to insure good luck for the New Year, so it is often given as a gift between Christmas and New Year.  Some children are lucky to find one of these delicious piggies in their shoes on St. Nicholas Day!

Sold in multi-packs of 5.  If you wish to order the entire counter display box, it contains 70 pieces which is 14 5-packs.

Net Weight:  12.5 g. / .44 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Best before but not expired: 6/29/2023

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