Maggi Fix Krauter Rahm Schnitzel
Maggi Fix Krauter Rahm Schnitzel

Maggi Fix Krauter Rahm Schnitzel


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MAGGI Fix for herb cream schnitzel: a schnitzel dish that always tastes good Delicious herb-cream schnitzel seasoned with natural ingredients*, refined with parsley and chives: prepared in no time at all with MAGGI. A hearty and simple creamed schnitzel recipe that always works!  

The recipe for the MAGGI seasoning mixture already contains all the seasoning ingredients that are required for the herb-cream schnitzel. The carefully selected herbs and spices are perfectly matched and give the fresh ingredients the perfect flavor. Seasoning is no longer necessary. MAGGI Fix products are therefore the ideal helpers in everyday life to prepare dishes quickly and easily.

What is required in addition to the fix for herb cream schnitzel? • 3 pork escalopes of 150g each (alternatively turkey or veal) • 50ml (4 tbsp) whipping cream • 1 tsp oil Preparation: Fry the schnitzel in hot oil, remove from the pan and keep warm. Pour 250ml water and 50ml cream into the pan, stir in the contents of the bag and bring to the boil. Add the schnitzel and let it get hot. Spaetzle, noodles or a salad go well with this. 

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Starch, Palm fat, Rice flour, Iodide salt, MILK SUGAR, Glucose syrup, MILK CHEESE, Yeast extract, 2.3% Roasted onion powder, Herbs (parsley, chives, chervil), Spices, White wine extract, Flavors Acidifier Citric acid. Traces: GLUTENIC CEREAL, EGGS, SOY, CELERY, MUSTARD.

Weight: 36 g. /1.26 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany