Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen Stars
Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen Stars
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Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen Stars


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Those who like it fruity will love our Lebkuchen Stars! In this wonderfully refreshing creation, the spicy taste of Brown Lebkuchen meets a fine orange fruit filling (at least 25 percent!). The delicious Christmas biscuits are available with exquisite chocolate or with fine sugar glaze - there is something for everyone in our mixed pack! The nutty-caramelly, softly baked dough virtually melts in the mouth: That's what we call a real feast for the palate!

Did you know that you can also buy Lebkuchen-Schmidt's quality gingerbread for stocking up? Simply order the amount you might need over the winter here in the shop (think of guests, Christmas presents and St. Nicholas Day presents!) Then, store in a cool and dry place (preferably not in the kitchen next to the stove ...). This way the gingerbread keeps its freshness for many weeks and is always soft in the dough and crunchy with chocolate. A treat for the whole Christmas season - and even longer if you like!

Net Weight: 175 g. / 6.17 oz.