Knorr Dill Sauce

Knorr Dill Sauce


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Feinschmecker Gourmet Dill Sauce is a fresh and aromatic, low-fat condiment from Knorr. It is made with the finest, organic ingredients, craftily mixed herbs, and spices and contains no GMOs. The resulting product is a creamy, delectable sauce that adds vibrancy, and irresistible aroma to any kind of meal.

Knorr's tasty and versatile sauce mix is super quick and easy to prepare. You just need to add the contents of a package to a cup of water, whisk it, bring it to a boil, and simmer for about a minute. Serve while hot, pour it over your favorite roasted or baked fish, or roasted vegetables, and enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal with rich, fresh, and creamy sauce.

Net Weight: 31 g. / 1.09 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany