Knorr Dill-Krauter

Knorr Dill-Krauter


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Knorr Salatkrönung Dill herbs is the right choice for all fans of the herb-spicy dill taste. The mixture of dill and aromatic spices is particularly suitable for any kind of cucumber salad. Knorr Salatkrönung contains carefully selected herbs that are preserved by drying.

Suitable for vegetarian dishes!

Ingredients: sugar, iodized table salt, starch, 9% herbs (5% dill², parsley², chives²), acidity regulator sodium diacetate, acidifier citric acid, citrus fiber, milk sugar, palm oil², ground mustard seeds, onions², pepper, lemon juice powder², table salt, flavors. ² from sustainable cultivation May contain traces of gluten, egg and celery.

Net Weight: 90 g. / 3.2  oz.
Country of Origin: Germany