Strega Baba Strega Liqueur
Strega Baba Strega Liqueur

Strega Baba Strega Liqueur


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Strega Babas are freshly and soaked in the famous Strega Liqueur, "witches brew". Similar to Brioche, they are left to leaven three times and dried out before soaking to ensure a light, fluffy texture. It's rare for them to be made at home, so they are usually bought from specialty stores. To best absorb a liqueur, it's important to use high quality pastry. Rum, Limoncello and other regional liqueurs are popular, but Strega Liqueur is made from over 70 herbs and spices for an even richer flavor. Serve with cream or gelato and shake the jar before opening.

Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lb.
Country of Origin: Italy