La Trinquelinette Blackcurrant Jam

La Trinquelinette Blackcurrant Jam


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Deeply dark in color with a a sweet tart flavor. Certainly delicious on a piece of fresh bread, but also spread on scones, pancakes or added to a natural yogurt. For those who enjoy game, you could pair this blackberry jam with hare, wild boar or venison.
Bernard Bérilley is one of the world’s best and most dedicated jam makers of France. Based in the Morvan region of France – near Burgundy – Bernard has been making jams since 1982. It is extremely important for Bernard to source organic fruits of top quality and he is an expert at it: he was previously a farmer and grew organic strawberries, raspberries and vegetables. Every morning he went to the Rungis market in Paris to sell them.

Bernard Bérilley’s delicious jams are produced in very small batches in copper cauldrons.They are packed with organic fruits and unrefined raw cane sugar

Net Weight: 370 g. / 13.05 oz.
Country of Origin: France