Kühne Puszta Salad

Kühne Puszta Salad


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Grab a fork and get ready to crunch. An enjoyable invitation to chow, leaving your tastebuds fulfilled. Inside the jar of salat is infused with gherkins, red paprika, onions and carrots. The well seasoned flavor is perfect to put on a plate of fried potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Our Puszta Salat also sits comfortably with a hot and ready hearty dish.

Best Before, but not Expired: 12/15/25

Ingredient's: Cucumber, Paprika, Onions, Spirit Vinegar, Carrots, Glucose-Fructose-Syrup, Celeriac, Sugar, Salt, Natural Flavoring,

Net Weight: 330 g. / 11.64 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany