Anysetiers du Roy Herbes & Spices for Steak Au Poivre in Pot

Item # P9476020

Anysetiers du Roy Herbes & Spices for Steak Au Poivre in Pot consists of crushed peppercorn, mustard seeds and savory powder, perfect for making Steak Au Poivre (French Peppercorn Steak). Add a few pinches in the leftover pan juices, add sour cream and stir well with a wooden spatula to make the steak sauce.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy was originally a restaurant located on Paris’ Ile Saint-Louis, near Notre-Dame, and popular in the 1960s. The restaurant specialized in Provençal cooking, using olive oil, aromatic herbs, and garlic. At the end of dinner, each customer received as a gift a pot of the special herbes de Provence blend prepared by Louis Lombard, who was the first to include lavender flowers in the aromatic herbs. The success of the little crock gave his sons the idea to produce their own special line of aromatic herbs and spices packed in clay and stoneware pots. The pots are made in a small village in the Drôme, near Valence. The Lombards create their own recipes: special blends of aromatic herbs and spices, and a variety of chocolate fondues.

Net Weight: 130 g. / 4.6 oz.
Country of Origin: France