Adler Black Forest Schinken Ham -
Adler Black Forest Schinken Ham -

Adler Black Forest Schinken Ham


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Adler Black Forest Schinken Ham is the stunningly tasty Original Black Forest Ham which takes regional ingredients, traditional recipes and more than three months to be processed and refined. This results in ham with a unique color and a pronounced taste that is spicy, smoky and highly aromatic.

“Schwarzwälder Schinken” (German for “Black Forest ham”) is best enjoyed in thin slices, with some fresh bread, fresh fruit or as an ingredient of cooked dishes. As the ham unfolds its full aroma when left outside at normal room temperature, it is recommended to open the package 5 to 10 minutes prior to eating. Until then, store in a cool room (39°F - 64°F). This ham is non-GMO, Lactose Free and Gluten Free.

Black Forest ham is made from selected gammon (trimmed hind leg of pork). It is finely seasoned in accordance with traditional recipes and salted by hand, after which it remains in “salt” for a couple of weeks, curing in fresh mountain air. Subsequent to this, the ham is smoked with a mixture of green pine twigs, sawdust and wood chips made of Black Forest fir trees. In the course of the smoking period, which lasts approximately three weeks, the ham then obtains its typical smoky colour. Once this has been completed, the ham has to rest and mature: after 12 weeks the ham is ready for consumption.

The Black Forest Ham bears the seal of geographical indication by the European Union. It is about its traditional manufacturing method in the Black Forest region. In 1997, the European Union registered the “Black Forest ham” as a PGI (protected geographic indication) for the protection and promotion of special typical regional products and foods with designation of origin. In the process of manufacturing its Black Forest ham, ADLER stringently complies with the provisions of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification.

Since 1920, ADLER has been situated in Bonndorf in the picturesque Hochschwarzwald (upper Black Forest), located 800 m above sea level and climatically situated in a prime position with pure air and mountains densely wooded with tall fir trees. 1959 is the birth year of Black Forest ham: ADLER starts selling its most famous product, created by using a recipe that’s well over a 100 years old. Salting, curing and smoking was used to preserve meat when home slaughtering was still common practice. The traditional procedure not only prolongs the ham’s shelf life, it also adds to its typical rich aroma. Numerous awards demonstrate their outstanding achievements in the German food industry, among them “Best Cured Ham Producer in Germany” by the German Agricultural Society.

Net Weight VARIES: 400 - 680 g. / 14 oz. - 1.5 lbs.
Country of Origin: Germany

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