Karine & Jeff Organic French Pesto (Pistou) Soup
Karine & Jeff Organic French Pesto (Pistou) Soup

Karine & Jeff Organic French Pesto (Pistou) Soup


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Karine and Jeff's  French Pesto Soup is a fresh flavored, rich, and perfectly seasoned meal. It is created with white beans, potatoes, fresh herbs, and craftily mixed spices resulting in a wholesome meal with an irresistible homemade taste that carries an authentic French spirit. 

Karine & Jeff's French Pesto Soup is made with fresh ingredients and contains no GMOs. It is also dairy-free so that everyone can enjoy it. Just heat it for a few minutes, simply pair it with a toast, and enjoy a relaxing, delectable hearty meal.

Karine & Jeff is a French family-owned company offering a wide range of packaged, ready-to-eat dishes based on cereals, vegetables, and legumes. It was established over 15 years ago and had been offering unique, tasty recipes ever since. This family of avid travelers has gathered the culinary traditions from around the world and wishes to share them with the clients. Each of their products is made with hand-picked, fresh ingredients, authentic recipes, and most importantly, love and care. 

Net Weight: 720 g. / 25.04 oz.
Country of Origin: France