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Riegelein Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny in Spring Foil Wrap


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Riegelein Flower Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny is a hollow bunny decorated in flowered foil. This milk chocolate bunny comes in several colors - let us choose for you. Add this beautiful bunny to your Easter basket and give them as gifts!

Riegelein only produces their chocolate using a meticulous selection of the finest raw materials, such as exquisite cocoa, cocoa butter, whole milk and sugar, all of which are consistently subjected to the strictest control measures. First-class ingredients call for gentle processing methods. Cutting-edge conche machines and rolling mills ensure a high degree of fineness, creating the particularly delicate glaze that has come to distinguish Riegelein and its predominantly milk chocolate figures. With a cocoa content of 33%, their fine milk chocolate is especially popular. They constantly invest in new production equipment and processing technology, uniting traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art development in perfect harmony.

Net Weight: 140 g. / 4.94 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany