I would like to introduce you to another part of our family, “Foster”.  Foster was seven years old in May of this year.  Matthew, my son and I, adopted Foster in July of 2010 after Peter passed, we had another dog at the time Maxie whom we had since 2010 and was dying at the time of kidney failure.  My thought was that Maxie stayed around until she was sure I was okay, after Peters’ death, then took her last breaths in September 2010.  I of course thought that Foster would keep Maxie company and that he would give a new life to the family.  Maxie didn’t like Foster at all and ignored him whenever she could.

 Both Maxie and Foster were adopted by arf in East Hampton, NY a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Foster was a puppy when he was adopted him at three months old.  He had big paws and the arf did not know, for sure, his origin.

 I remember attending a benefit which we sponsored through our liquor company for arf in July 2010 and they had several dogs for adoption, I was so enamored by this black ball of love.  I told them I would be back tomorrow to sign the papers.  When I got back home that night I told Matthew and his friends and they could not believe what I had done but were so excited.

Matthew, his friend Will and Diana and I went to pick up Foster the next day.  Foster was so excited to have a family, not having any training Foster walked straight into the pool and got his first taste of water which he loved.

Fast forward, Foster lived with Matthew and I, Matthew moved to his own apartment and took Foster with him, I babysat, Matthew and Foster move back home.  Matthew left but Foster was with me.

Foster was an office dog and came to he Niche office every day.  He loved everyone but the mailman.  Still today at Europeandeli he doesn't like the mailman. 

When I left Niche in September of 2016 Foster came to live with me full time.   We have bonded and are very close. He covets and protects me and Lucy whenever he is with us.  The day Lucy came home from the hospital, I instructed Matthew to put her seat down on the ground and allow Foster to come and sniff, Foster covets Lucy whenever he sees her and she can jump and walk all over him with so much love.

 I did a DNA testing at Christmas of 2016 and found out that Foster was actually 50% Rottweiler and 50% Golden Retriever, coming from both purebred parents and grandparents.

 Foster and I walk, usually three miles per day, last week he tore his ALS on the left leg, the right tore in 2015.  Tomorrow he will undergo his second major surgery.

 Foster brings me complete joy, even the days that I complain that he is a pain in the neck he is a site to be seen, there is not a day that goes by that we are not stopped by at least five people le that say what a beautiful dog he is and how “big” he is.

 While I know, his surgery is routine, we have worked so hard to make sure it didn’t affect the left leg.  Between weight control, laser therapy and food choices his weight still plays a factor in his overall health.

 Tonight, Foster is 135 pounds.  Full of muscle and the most incredible love that one can enjoy. He will walk with you, enjoys people more than other dogs and waits for treats for just peeing.

 I will update the blog with the results of the surgery.



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