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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries


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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries are perfect for muddling, garnishing and topping your favorite cocktail. These cherries are deep ruby red in color and contain a long stem. Handpicked in Oregon, Bourbon Cherries are made with all-natural ingredients. Enjoy a classic Manhattan Cocktail or an Old Fashioned Cocktail with these delicious cherries! Refrigerate after opening.

Established in 2006 as the U.S.’s only soy sauce microbrewery, Bourbon Barrel Foods has become a cornerstone in both the bourbon and gourmet foods industries. All of Bourbon Barrel Foods’ products incorporate innovative uses of bourbon barrels and are crafted with care in small batches.

Ingredients: cherries, water, sugar, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, fruit and vegetable concentrate (color), citric acid, malic acid, natural flavors

Net Weight: 383 g. / 13.51 oz.
Country of Origin: USA