Suss Carumel Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel

Item # F1690010

Suss Carumel Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel is a gourmet artisan caramel that builds upon the classic, original vanilla recipe. This flavor has the richness of caramelized sugar with a hint of vanilla as well as Fleur de Sel de Camargue, a light and delicate French sea salt that enhances the vanilla flavor.

Founded in New Hampshire and inspired by their German artisan roots, Süss Carümel has redefined the art of caramel making. Their caramels are all natural, slow crafted and preservative free with uncompromising standards. They are also gluten free. Cooked gently in small batches, creating velvety textures and layers of flavor like no other caramel you’ve ever experienced. Each package is wrapped by hand for a beautiful presentation.

Net Weight: 114 g. / 4.02 oz.
Country of Origin: USA