Staud's Sour Cherry with Cherry Brandy Preserves

by Staud's
Item # P2471110

Staud's Brandy Cherry Preserves blends sour cherries with kirschwasser brandy to make a tipsy cherry preserve. Classical Viennese preserves with fine spirits, 1.5% vol Alcohol. Fruit content: 50%

The secret of Staud´s captivating sweet specialities simply comes from their own natural taste. Staud´s has nothing to add to nature´s naked truth. And as epicureans know, this is the ultimate experience. From sowing the seed through to the meticulous preparation, integrity and originality are the guiding directives. Pure uncensored taste is the most natural and yet one of the rarest things on earth - and one of life's most delicious little mysteries.

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Ingredients: Sour cherries, sugar, Kirschwasser (1.5%), lemon juice concentrate, pectin gelling agent

Net Weight: 250g. / 8.8oz.
Country of Origin: Austria