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Serrats Bonito del Norte Tuna with Piquillo Jar


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Serrats Bonito del Norte Tuna with Piquillo Jar contains the famed Bonito del Norte Tuna, wild-caught in the Bay of Biscay, mixed with Piquillo Peppers and delicately preserved in Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In 1890, José Serrats established the company in Bermeo, with a desire to preserve and transport the delicious flavours of the Bay of Biscay. Helped by the exceptional quality of the fish, he implemented the newest preservation techniques and exported his products throughout Europe and North America. White Albacore Tuna of the highest quality is specially selected using traditional fishing techniques followed by an artisanal process to prepare, process and preserve the fish in selected olive oil. This careful work, combined with the selection of the best raw materials (fish, oil, and packaging), are how Serrats guarantees the quality of their products and how they achieve their objective: preserves of exceptional quality.

Ingredients: Bonito del Norte, Olive Oil, Piquillo Pepper

Net Weight : 190 g. / 6.7 oz.
Country of Origin: Spain