Schuster's Juniper & Friends
Schuster's Juniper & Friends

Schuster's Juniper & Friends


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Shrub! Wacholder (Juniper) & friends consists of juniper berries, organic lemons, organic oranges, ginger, kefir lime leaves , licorice root and bay leaves , combined with organic apple cider vinegar and sugar.

The flavors of the various ingredients come into their own. Shrub! Wacholder & Friends is recommended with ice-cold sparkling mineral water as an exciting non-alcoholic aperitif. A slice of cucumber in the glass provides an additional kick of freshness. For acid junkies, a splash of lemon juice can also be added. Refreshing - puristic - different.

In addition, the extraordinary aperitif is not too sweet and thanks to the natural acidity of the organic apple cider vinegar it is also healthy ! 

Ingredients: Sugar, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, orange, juniper, bay leaves, licorice root, lime leaves

Net Weight: 570 g. / 20.1 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany