Schuster's Juniper & Friends Shrub
Schuster's Juniper & Friends Shrub

Schuster's Juniper & Friends Shrub


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Schuster's Juniper & Friends is a unique blend of juniper berries, organic lemons, oranges, ginger, kefir lime leaves, licorice root, and bay leaves, all expertly combined with organic apple cider vinegar and sugar. Each ingredient's flavor shines through in this non-alcoholic aperitif, best enjoyed with chilled sparkling mineral water. Add a slice of cucumber or a splash of lemon juice for extra freshness. Not only is this drink refreshing and pure, but it is also a healthy choice thanks to the natural acidity of the organic apple cider vinegar.

Ingredients: Sugar, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, orange, juniper, bay leaves, licorice root, lime leaves

Net Weight: 250 ml / 8.45 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Germany