Schmidt's Wuerz Haus Tomahawk

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Schmidt's Wuerz Haus Tomahawk is the perfect condiment for western steaks, Roast beef, roast and various Barbecue dishes. Especially great for Steak lovers.
A touch spicier, a touch wilder: sometimes life could be a little more spicy, right? A pinch of pepper can do wonders and turn a good steak into something delicious with a little spice.

Is Vitamin B-12 in the flesh still tickling your happiness hormones? Try it with Tomahawk: high-quality, intense pepper and noble sweet Paprika from dried, ripe pods - perfectly matched. Tomahawk is both weapon and tool: spicy pepper and sweet pepper. Adds flavor to almost all meat dishes and makes Tomahawk a strong all-around spice mix for the stove and grill.

There are no additives such as dyes and no flavor enhancers. Store in a cool and dry place. Preparation: For seasoning to taste.

Ingredients: Spices (pepper, paprika), sugar, acidifier: citric acid

Net Weight: 100g. / 3.53oz.
Country of Origin: Germany