Schmidt's Wuerz Haus Citrus Embers

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Schmidt's Wuerz Haus Citrus Embers is a seasoning with a fine lemon note, especially for chicken, fish and vegetables. When serving fish, lemon is paramount! This seasoning will make your fish dishes amazing - sour and refreshing!

Lemon flavor, used in moderation, is excellent for mild and tender meat. A small splash is often enough. The origin of serving fish with lemon goes back to sailors - both helping hide the fishy smell onboard ship and adding flavor to prepared fish on the plate at sea. Clearly, they were on to something!

This seasoning is not just great for fish but also white meats like chicken and turkey, even vegetables. Give it that dash of flavor with our citrus glow mixture of lemon peel, turmeric, pepper and other ingredients with a fruity-spicy note.
Store in a cool and dry place. Preparation: For seasoning to taste.

Ingredients: pepper, salt, acidifier: citric acid E 330, lemon peel, sunflower oil completely hardened, dextrose, spice, sweet pepper, natural lemon flavor

Net Weight: 120g. / 4.23oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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