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Révillon Sarments Dark Chocolate Twigs


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Révillon Sarments Dark Chocolate Twigs - Sarments du Médoc - are fine chocolate twigs, with subtle and varied notes, delicately decorated as inspired by Médoc vines.

Founded in 1898 in Lyon, Révillon Chocolatier has practiced the art of fine chocolate-making and is today best known for its festive end-of-the-year chocolates. In 1962, Révillon, located in Roanne, France, purchased Sprengnether Chocolaterie, a chocolate factory known for these slender, chocolate twigs called Sarments du Médoc. It is Mademoiselle de Margaux, a pastry chef, who accidentally created these new branches of chocolate when a machine stopped while making classic chocolate sticks. They were then called "chocolatines". The result, which reminds her of the surrounding vineyards, has made this mistake a centuries-old tradition.

Offer Les Sarments as a sophisticated after dinner treat accompanied by espresso or fine cognac.

Net Weight:  125 g. / 4.41 oz.
Country of Origin: France