Révillon Milk Chocolate Papillotes

Révillon Milk Chocolate Papillotes


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Révillon Milk Chocolate Papillotes are chocolates that come in a shiny fringed wrapper and contain a little paper bearing a famous quotation, riddle, or cartoon. Originating in Lyon, they have become a Christmas tradition throughout southeastern France.

It was in 1790, in the stall of the Lyon pastry chef Sieur Papillot that the papillote was born. This chocolate enthusiast notices one fine morning the regular disappearance of his gourmet confections.

He decides to investigate to find them. One evening, when he has just perfected the last chocolates for the next day, he hears footsteps in the stall. Silently, Sieur Papillot then glances around and sees his apprentice. Seized with remorse, the young man wants to turn around but it is already too late! Sieur Papillot surprises him with his ingenious and romantic stratagem. But why do you want to steal these sweets? Let us tell you ...

Headlong in love with the boss's daughter, he was desperate to get her attention. So every day he stole a chocolate from the shop and slipped sweet words into it. He then sent them to his beauty to declare his love for her. Sieur Papillot forgives his apprentice and decides to take up this charming idea. He has since replaced declarations of love with quotes, proverbs and other riddles and wraps his delicious chocolates in them.

Net Weight: 270 g. / 9.52 oz.
Country of Origin: France