Reber Rosenwalzer Pastete
Reber Rosenwalzer Pastete

Reber Rosenwalzer Pastete


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Reber's Rosenwalzer is a delightful combination of the finest nougat with freshly roasted hazelnuts in a fine wafer, covered in milk chocolate.  Each piece has hazelnut-praline filling (43%) and crisp rice (2%) in wafer (4.3%) with finest milk chocolate (49%) and bitter sweet chocolate (1.7%).

Made of high quality, natural raw materials in exclusive Reber premium quality

  • WITHOUT palm oil and other foreign fats
  • WITHOUT artificial flavours and flavor enhancers
  • WITHOUT artificial colorants and preservatives
  • WITHOUT genetically modified raw materials
  • WITHOUT vegetable fat (except cocoa butter)

Ingredients: Sugar, hazelnuts (47% in hazelnut-praline), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, pure butterfat, crisp-rice (wheat flour, sugar, malt of barley extract, salt), emulsifier sunflower lecithins, humectant glycerol, natural flavouring (rum). Wafer: (wheat flour, sugar, wheat starch, pure butterfat, cream powder, caramel syrup, salt, natural flavouring (vanilla), raising agent soda). May contain traces of almonds and pistachios and soya.

Purchase individually or available as a box of 36.

Each piece is 30 g. / 1.06 oz.
Net Weight: 1080 g. / 38.1 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany