Reber Mozart Hearts in Counter Display Box - 96 Pieces

by Reber
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Item # C3436135

Reber Mozart Hearts are filled with the finest gourmet pistachio marzipan made from fresh, green pistachios and creamy truffles, covered in a layer of dark chocolate. The heart is wrapped in foil, perfect for showing your love to someone special! This counter display box contains 96 pieces.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, almonds (33% in pistachio marzipan), cocoa butter, butter, sweetened condensed milk, coffee cream, pistachios (3.5% in pistachio marzipan), whole milk powder, invert sugar syrup, brandy, alcohol, lactose, humectant (sorbitol, invertase), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). Cocoa 60%.

Each Item Net Weight: 10 g. / .35 oz.
Total Net Weight:  960 g. /  2.12 lbs.
Country of Origin: Germany