Rapso Rapeseed Oil
Rapso Rapeseed Oil

Rapso Rapeseed Oil


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Rapso Rapeseed Oil is a versatile cooking oil for the modern cuisine with its sound nutritional principles. In North America, Rape Seed oil is sometimes called Canola oil however, the difference between RAPSO - 100% rape seed oil and Canola oil is the uninterrupted process of conventional seeding to natural production, and the filling into light protected glass bottles. RAPSO - 100% rape seed oil comes exclusively from contracted cultivation.

With over 60% monounsaturated and 30% polyunsaturated fatty acids RAPSO has special health benefits. The bad cholesterol LDL is decreased, the good cholesterol HDL increased. RAPSO can be used for all kinds of uses in modern cooking, for salads, roasting, steaming and frying. RAPSO has a very good taste, does not smell and can be heated up to high temperatures.

It's a 100% Austrian product and guaranteed free of genetic engineering!

Net Weight: 750 ml. / 25  fl.oz.
Country of Origin: Austria

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