Pischinger Wafer Cake with Cappuccino Cream Filling
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Pischinger Wafer Cake with Cappuccino Cream Filling


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Pischinger Cappuccino Mini Wafers are also known as Cappuccino Coffee Ecken Minis. Looking for wafers without chocolate? These crispy, crunchy Cappuccino Ecken are the right choice for you! Four layers of fresh Pischinger wafers, filled with exquisite coffee cream – definitely a must-have for every wafer lover!

A family business since 1953, Walter Heindl was a Viennese pastry chef, who together with his wife, Maria, started production of liqueur filled chocolates and sweets in Vienna. Over the years, the company and their product selection expanded and in 2006, they took over the well-known and popular waffle specialist Pischinger. Since 2014, Heindl/Pischinger uses only 100% Fair Trade Cocoa and continues to pride itself on using fresh, high quality raw materials for all chocolates and confectionary creations.

Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.53 oz.
Country of Origin: Austria