Peureux Framboisines Raspberries in Liqueur 1 L Jar -
Peureux Framboisines Raspberries in Liqueur 1 L Jar -

Peureux Framboisines Raspberries in Liqueur 1 L Jar


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Peureux Framboisines Raspberries in Liqueur 1 L Gift Box contains raspberries steeped in liqueur and raspberry brandy. This is a 100% natural product with no coloring agents or preservatives (15% volume). Please note: Framboisines are very delicate, as are all raspberries. Due of the nature of the fruit, you will not always have whole fruit and there might be pieces that break apart.

Three crucial steps: careful fruit selection, meticulous picking, maceration in several baths of raspberry liqueur and eau-de-vie... Grandes Distilleries Peureux draws on its unique age-old know-how to preserve the delicacy and firmness of the fruit.

Sweet or savory, chilled or iced? The Framboisines® can fit any of your wishes and spice up your imagination. They can be savored on their own as a treat; they can be served with your main dishes and desserts and make a glass of champagne something special. Suave, with a sparkling color and flavour, the Framboisines® are very much in keeping with their "big sisters" the Griottines®.

By the way, did you know that raspberries were originally white? According to the legend, Ida, the daughter of the King of Crete and nursemaid to Zeus, picked a fruit to pacify the young Zeus, who was crying. While doing so, she scratched her breast on the thorns of the raspberry canes. It was her blood which gave this fruit its distinctive color... That said, no one has been able to explain why Ida was a picking fruit semi-naked. Which just goes to show that legends are discreet even if some raspberry-pickers are not!

Net Weight: 1 Liter. / 33.81 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: France