Pechkeks Anti-Advent Calendar

Pechkeks Anti-Advent Calendar


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Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies may be deliciously crunchy, but they're also tough to swallow - because you can be sure that they won't predict eternal love or unimaginable wealth. Quite the opposite. They can be really nasty, brutally honest, truthful and direct, crude or pessimistic. And if we've forgotten anything, it's not because it's something more positive. But that's what makes them so great! Because you're left with no choice but to take them with a sense of humor. And that means one thing is guaranteed - LOTS OF FUN!

The first prerequisite for gifting the massive Anti Advent Calendar ( 24 pieces ) has to be; does the giftee have a sense of humor? If your answer is no, rethink the gift recipient, not the gift.

Net Weight: 375 g. / 13.23 oz.

Country of Origin: Germany