Paper and Tea Tip of the Morning Artisanal Loose Tea Tin

by P & T
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P & T Tip of the Morning Artisanal Loose Tea Tin is a Black Tea Breakfast Blend from Assam, India & Sri Lanka. A breakfast classic, this caffeine-rich, malty cup is wonderfully rounded off with milk and sugar. Malty, honey, biscuits, hearty flavor profile.

• stackable tin format
• lovingly embraced by a textured paper banderole
• brewing instructions & short info about tea on back
• featuring an illustration indicating the oxidation of the tea
• reusable

P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin in 2011. They are inspired by tea’s legacy throughout the ages as an agent of communication, creativity and culture.

Ingredients: Black tea

Net Weight: 190g. / 6.7oz.
Country of Origin: India