Noi Sirius Milk Chocolate Covered Corn Puffs

Item # F33149010

Noi Sirius Milk Chocolate Covered Corn Puffs are delicious and crispy puffs covered by smooth milk chocolate. Known in Iceland by Nóa Kropp, they are a best selling item for over 40 years. The crunchy core gives a light and airy feel. It is covered with Icelandic chocolate, with a hint of caramel, and finally dusted with a coat of fine licorice powder.

Iceland has a very different culture when it comes to chocolate. An early morning chocolate bar is quite normal, as is setting out a tray of chocolates as a pre-dinner appetizer. As you can imagine, chocolate is quite important to the Icelandic people, and Noi Sirius is the favorite. Since its establishment in 1933, Nói Síríus has grown to become the largest confectionery manufacturer in Iceland.

Net Weight: 100g. / 3.53oz.
Country of Origin: Iceland