Niederegger Pure Milk Chocolate Bar 42% Cocoa

Niederegger Pure Milk Chocolate Bar 42% Cocoa


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Niederegger Pure Milk Chocolate Bar 42% Cocoa -  full-bodied, creamy cocoa taste, refined with a subtle sweetness; bringing forth a surprising nutty flavor.

Niederegger continues to expand their global reach beyond their borders in Germany, as well as broadening their product scope from traditional marzipan based confections to introducing their first ever line of chocolate bars.

Niederegger is an accomplished brand that’s name signifies excellence. Niederegger focuses on providing the very finest quality and presents their products in an equally attractive package. Milk and dark chocolate bars are often marginal and commonplace, but rest assured this chocolate will satisfy even the harshest critic. Available in three cocoa preferences, 42% milk chocolate, 58% dark chocolate as well as 72% extra dark chocolate. Nothing added to the chocolate bar like fruits or nuts because just like its name “Pure” chocolate cannot be improved upon!

Cocoa beans only from the most prominent cocoa regions in both Africa and South America.

Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.50 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Sell by date: 11/13/2021