Müller Hand Crafted Smoking Women- Mulled Wine Seller

Müller Hand Crafted Smoking Women- Mulled Wine Seller


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The wooden toy making trade in Seiffen is almost 300 years old. The numerous works of art made of wood are mainly offered at Christmas markets: Christmas pyramids, incense smokers, candle arches and play figures from the Ore Mountains.

Their production has a long tradition and requires a lot of craftsmanship. The wooden toy sellers used to run from the Erzgebirge to Dresden's Striezelmarkt to sell their goods.

Müller Mulled Wine saleswoman was made from almost 30 individual parts. She holds a hot 'steaming' caldron of mulled wine ready to serve.

The smokers body opens to place a small incenses to burn. As the scent from the incense fills the room, smoke flows from the top of the caldron to create a charming effect.

Size: 5.5 in. x 9.4 in.
Country of Origin: Germany