Müller Handcrafted Gingerbread Seller Incense Smoker

Müller Handcrafted Gingerbread Seller Incense Smoker


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In the past, gingerbread women always had a wonderful smell of fresh pastries on their arduous journey when they carried their goods from the Erzgebirge to the Christmas markets. A wonderful smoker from the series of traditional Christmas market women made of 46 individual pieces of ash, beech and lime wood.

The wooden toy making trade in Seiffen is almost 300 years old. The numerous works of art made of wood are mainly offered at Christmas markets: Christmas pyramids, incense smokers, candle arches and play figures from the Ore Mountains.

The smokers body opens to place a small incenses to burn. 

Don't forget incense for your Smoker; click here.

Size: 5.5 in. x 9.8 in.
Country of Origin: Germany