Illuminated Frauenkirche Church Dresden

Illuminated Frauenkirche Church Dresden


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The Dresden Frauenkirche is the most famous landmark in the city center. The baroque church has molded the Dresden city landscape since the 18th century. Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the structure erected by George Bähr was destroyed. The ruins remained as a memorial in the heart of the city.

Thanks to an impressive citizens initiative, the idea of rebuilding the church quickly gained traction around the world. A full 60 years later, the Frauenkirche reopened its gates in its full baroque beauty in October 2005.

This woodcraft is an extremely detailed replica of the Dresden Frauenkirche, which is meticulously handcrafted from the finest woods. The church, which is illuminated from the inside, is lined with street lamps to leave no detail unseen. 

Size: 9.4 x 8.3 x 11 in.
Country of Origin: Germany