Moulin du Calanquet Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Aglandau

Moulin du Calanquet Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Aglandau


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Aglandau olive oil brings out a marked fruitiness with aromas of raw artichoke or freshly cut grass. It is also characterized by a medium to intense ardor.

For five generations, the Brun family has been cultivating the area around Saint Rémy de Provence. In recent years, Anne and Gilles Brun relaunched the olive activity, planting 10,000 olive trees with the five main olive varieties of the Alpilles and building an arboretum with 80 different varieties. In 2000 they installed a state-of -the-art mill. The same year, they were awarded their first gold medal in the National Agriculture Competition for their olive oil. The Moulin du Calanquet’s oils are served at Le Palais de l’Elysée as well as 28 Michelin-starred restaurants.  The Aglandau olive gets its name from the acorn it resembles.

Moulin du Calanquet olive oils can be used raw or cooked. We suggest you use Aglandau olive oil for your salads and raw vegetables, as a finish on fish, or for mashed potatoes.

Net Weight: 25 cl. / 8.5 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: France