Monty B. Berry Bubbly Cocoa Dusted Truffles

Item # C30221025

Monty B. Berry Bubbly Cocoa Dusted Truffles are chocolate truffles that are divinely dusted with French cocoa powder and have pieces of popping candy and raspberry flavouring inside.

Monty Bojangles, started in 2008, is a London based UK confectionery brand famous for its curiously moreish award winning cocoa dusted truffles. Their Truffles are made with a unique and utterly delicious recipe carefully crafted to deliver the most indulgently chocolatey experience imaginable. They double dust their truffles with exquisite bittersweet cocoa powder, and infuse their truffle centres with scrumptious ingredients and inclusions that add depth, texture and unforgettable flavour to each curiously moreish bite!

Net Weight: 130g. / 4.59oz.
Country of Origin: England