Mini Butter Spekulatius with a Milk Chocolate Base

Mini Butter Spekulatius with a Milk Chocolate Base


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The pastry chefs, gingerbread bakers and bakers at Lebkuchen-Schmidt are known, among other things, for always coming up with something new to make the hearts of all connoisseurs of Christmas pastry specialties beat faster.

This is also the case with one of our novelties: The recipe is traditionally butter speculoos in their most delicious form, baked with lots of the best butter, placed on a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate base, freshly packed and crispy. So what's the new? The size! We put ourselves in the shoes of all the ladies with their handbags who would like to have something sweet to nibble with, the children who also want to have a Christmas snack in kindergarten or school, the hikers who want to recharge their batteries while strolling through the snow-covered landscape. And so we have shrunk our delicious butter speculoos, put them in resealable packaging and now give them to you: enjoyment in small bites, without crumbs and chocolate fingers, but a lot of joy for the taste buds!

    Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.