Messmer Six-Herb Tea

Messmer Six-Herb Tea


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The different herbs are characterized by their unmistakably individual tastes. In the Messmer 6-Herb Mixture, our tea experts have combined refreshing herbs such as peppermint and lemongrass with the mild fruitiness of rose hips and hibiscus and rounded them off with blackberry leaves and lemon verbena - for a tasty experience.

In Messmers 6-herb mixture, classic herbs meet other exciting ingredients such as hibiscus and lemon verbena for a particularly exquisite composition.

What is Hibiscus?
Hibiscus is a genus from the plant family of the mallow family with around 300 species. Because of its aromatic taste and red color, hibiscus is a common ingredient in many fruit tea blends. Due to its digestibility and its special aroma, it is perfect to round off our 6-herb mixture.

And what is Lemon Verbena?
Lemon verbena is also known as the lemon shrub and belongs to the verbena family. Its leaves are particularly popular for making tea because the lemon taste of the intensely lemony-scented essential oil is retained even after drying.

Net Weight: 51 g. / 1.8 oz. 
Country of Origin: Germany