Messmer Fennel Tea

Messmer Fennel Tea


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The ancient Egyptians already appreciated the wholesomeness of fennel, which they use to round off a meal. The slightly sweet taste makes fennel very popular with children too. Our Messmer tea experts select only the best fennel qualities and mix them into a delicately aromatic pleasure.

With our tea, fennel ensures a fine aromatic pleasure.

What is fennel?
Fennel is an extremely versatile vegetable that is also used in many places as a herb and medicinal plant. The aromatic smelling fennel fruits taste pleasantly sweet. They contain essential oil, the main components of which - the bitter, camphor-like fenchon and the sweetish anethole - determine the typical taste. The effects of fennel are well known. Parents appreciate its calming and flatulence-reducing effects on babies and toddlers.

Net Weight: 74 g. / 2.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany